7 Things You Didn’t Know About Jett

Jett Newman… remember that name he’s going to be a star! Go follow him on Instagram!

  1. He is the biggest snorer in the world!
  2. He has flown over 50 flights and been to 7 different countries!
  3. He love love loves pickles.
  4. His favorite toy is his ride on choo choo train.
  5. As of right now he has 9 teeth.
  6. He has booked 3 jobs.
  7. His favorite person in the whole world (besides me lol) is Miss Abby!


  • Haley Whitner


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    • Kalani

      He is the best! I love him so much! I have some fun things coming out soon that he is a part of : ) stay tuned!

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