School Time

My teacher lol, who said “NO” to putting his face on my site, is the bomb!  Super nice and always on my case.  He kept getting mad at me for reading emails from some of my fans lol.  This is proof that I actually do read all of your awesome stuff!

The only thing that gets me up in the morning is DUTCH BROS!!! #CARAMELIZER  for life!  My absolute favorite!

I haven’t been to a traditional school in over 3 years so I don’t get the same life as you guys.  That is why I always love talking to you!  So don’t stop writing me and leaving comments : )~


  • carlynantel

    sooo cool!

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    • Malinda Bohn

      Your my favorite dancer, such a wonderful young lady you have grown to be

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  • Haley Whitner

    I love Kalani Sooooooooo much!!!!!!! (When I feel like I am the only one in the world doing homework I just come here)

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    • Kalani

      I hate homework lol! We are exactly the same haha! ; )

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    • Emma kerr

      What grade is she in this year

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  • KKMalone

    Oh my gosh, am I the only one who has a ton of homework!?

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  • Annah Cloin

    Love you so much kalani

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  • Lesly vidal

    Kalani eres muy linda espero conocerte algún día , soy de Peru y me gustaría conocer a todas las chicas soy fanatica de ustedes y me motivan a muchas cosas , te quiero mucho , kiss

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  • Alitres

    Love school

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  • Chouhan Vikas

    Hiii I am Vikas please call me

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  • Sofía

    I love you Kalani 🙂 You’re an AWESOME dancer

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